Assessments - Understand Your Skills!

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You 2.0! Transformation Challenge – Who Do You Want To Be?

This course is a reflective journey, it is a course to help you discover your path towards a rewarding role with confidence and wellbeing.
We will explore your role identity and what that means, your habits, and your goals; looking for alignment and outcomes will drive not only your passion but your sense of confidence and satisfaction in your career!

Included in BA-Cube Membership!

BA & PO Skills Inventory

The BA-Cube BA/PO Skills Inventory takes inventory of the skills in your toolbox. After taking this Skills Inventory, it will provide you the knowledge you need to determine what direction you want to go. There are 185 skills placed into 11 skills categories. Join us on the journey and discover where your experience and training have taken you and where you want to go next!