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If you have authority to schedule and plan a meeting, you are being given a large budget. Meetings are expensive and they better be worth it! Worth it for you, and your participants!

  • In the US alone, we spend $37 Billion in unnecessary meetings each year.
  • As BAs, each of us is responsible for about $1 million per year in meeting spend
  • Over 70% of people bring other work to meetings
  • The number one source of missed or poor requirements is lack of stakeholder involvement

Our leaders and stakeholders are dying for us to facilitate them through ideation and problem solving. The pressure they put on us for deadlines makes it seem like we don’t have time to truly facilitate and ideate, but that is just not the intention leaders have! They don’t want projects done faster, they want results faster! They want real results and assume we will deliver results, and it’s up to us to create the process and conversations to make it happen!

This course will teach you the concepts and skills needed for positive and deep engagement from everyone in your meetings, how to plan meetings to get better engagement, how to manage difficult dynamics and personalities, and how to get your stakeholders begging for more of your time to help them solve problems.

In this course we will look at:

  • What makes a meeting engaging and productive
  • How to create meaningful meeting purpose and objectives
  • The group process in decision making and problem solving
  • The divergent and convergent group thinking processes
  • Facilitating the “groan zone” and uncomfortable parts of meetings
  • Managing meeting dialog
  • Creating structured activities that truly engage
  • Handling difficult personalities and situations
  • Planning your next meeting