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Welcome to the Modern BA Ninja – 1st Dimension!  

You are on your way to mastering skills needed to perform in today’s complex, changing, agile and digital world!

This course will take you through a variety of content & exercises, as well as mentoring sessions and feedback on practicing new skills that will propel your BA expertise and increase your performance as a modern BA!

First, we will be Building Awareness of what modern BA skills are being driven by.  Agile and agility; we will look at what agile really means to BAs, these topics are about agility and agility no matter you call yourself or team agile is important to modern ways of doing analysis. You will learn:

  • What does agility mean and the agile concepts – methodology agnostic!
  • The Agile Manifesto and what it means to BAs and how we work in a modern world
  • The BA Role in Agile

Next, we will look at Learning & Practicing these modern BA Ninja skills:

  • User Stories – agile or not!
  • Visual Models
  • Product Visioning and Roadmapping
  • Facilitating Engaging and Participative Meetings

Along the way, you will Practice, get 1:1 Mentoring and Reflect on your learnings.

You will also be Evolving your skills along the way by attending 6 live small group mentoring sessions on any topic presented by BA-Cube. After each group session you will Reflect on what you learned.  These can be done at anytime while learning the other parts of the program!

Upon completion, you will qualify to receive 20 PDUs/CDUs.

Are you ready for the challenge? Get your Ninja learning receptors ready!

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