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Being confident and upping your game on the job is something we all aspire to!

Our Modern Ninja program is all about building your confidence and bringing you to the next level.

This program is a longer program than others, and well worth the work!  It is a combination of:

  • Learning about modern analysis concepts like agile and lean principles
  • Learning about product thinking, product visions, outcomes and roadmaps
  • Learning about User Stories
  • And, taking your facilitation skills to the next level!

Along with the self paced OnDemand learning filled with a combination of videos, practice exercises, quizzes, articles and reflections; you can also participate in small group coaching calls and 1:1 mentoring to get feedback on applying this to your real project work.  You will need the appropriate membership level to participate in the Live Events and 1:1 Mentoring parts of this program.  Just email us if you have any questions at

Simply click here to get started and the Modern Ninja program will track your progress.