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A Pathway is a list of content to get started learning about a topic, and provides recommendations on the ‘next steps’ in going deeper in this topic area with even more content.   These pathways are meant to take under an hour to complete!

Let’s get started – If you are a member, scroll down to the bottom of the page to start the pathway!

Pathway: I Want to Facilitate Better in Meetings

From the Videos Collection:

  • Preparing for a Requirements Workshop
  • Facilitating Great Workshops
  • Facilitating Great Meetings
  • Facilitating Workshops: Extroverts and Introverts
  • Facilitating a User Story Writing Workshop
  • Rockin’ Remote Series of Videos
  • 5 Levels of Agreement & High Velocity Decision Making

And more under the Videos Collection and then the Facilitation Strategies and Techniques Row.

From the Blog Collection:

  • Good Meetings Create Shared Understanding, Not BRDs!
  • Virtual Requirements Meetings: Painful or Practical?
  • 5 High-Impact Questions Every BA Should Be Using!
  • BAs and POs: Are You Asking the Right Questions?
  • What Can Aerobics Teach us About Collaboration?

From the Resources Collection:

The Resources page is a page full of templates, downloads and resources, here are the top 3 related to this topic!

  • 3 Step Facilitation Model (discussed at length in OnDemand Class)
  • Workshop Planner and Virtual Meeting Planner
  • High Impact Questions
  • Categories for Facilitation

And so many more for specific types of meeting goals can be found on the Templates and Downloads page.

From the OnDemand Courses Collection:

The OnDemand page has deeper content that takes more time, but well worth it, consider starting with these:

Next Steps:

Look at more Pathways, On Demand Courses, Video Galleries and tons of resources and templates to help you be a great PO!

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