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A Pathway is a list of content to get started learning about a topic, and provides recommendations on the ‘next steps’ in going deeper in this topic area with even more content.

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Pathway: I Want to Learn Visual Analysis Models

From the OnDemand Courses Collection:

The OnDemand page has deep content that takes more time, but well worth it, consider starting with these:

From the Videos Collection:

  • Visual Models Overview
  • Visual Models: Scope and Context Diagram
  • Visual Models: Value Stream Map
  • Visual Models: Decision Tables
  • Visual Models: Data Flow Diagram
  • Visual Models: User Story Maps
  • Visual Models: Functional Decomposition
  • Visual Models: Process Models
  • Visual Models: State Diagrams
  • Visual Models: Sequence Diagrams
  • Visual Models: Business Model Canvas

From the Blog Collection:

  • What’s Your Modeling Mindset?
  • Top 10 Skills for BAs in 2020 and Beyond!
  • The BAs Accountability in Scope Creep and Changing Requirements
  • Modern Requirements – Reality or Virtual Reality

From the Resources Collection:

The Templates and Downloads page is a page full of resources, here are the top ones related to Visual Analysis Models!

  • Visual Models Summary Infographic
  • Swimlane Process Model Template

And so many more for specific types of meeting goals can be found on the Templates and Downloads page.

Next Steps:

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