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A Pathway is a list of content to get started learning about a topic, and provides recommendations on the ‘next steps’ in going deeper in this topic area with even more content.   These pathways are meant to take under an hour to complete!

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Pathway: I am a BA Manager – I need resources for my Practice

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From the Pathways Collection:

  • Consider taking any of the other Pathways for specific content on specific BA practices.

From the Videos Collection:

Quick Videos:

  • What’s A Modern BA?
  • Mapping Executive Metrics to BA Work
  • BA Mission Statement
  • Assigning BAs to the Right Projects
  • Top Performing BAs
  • How To Develop Top Performing BAs
  • Interviewing BAs
  • Tracking BA Skills
  • Types of BA Leaders

Webinars (Go Deeper!):

  • BA Metrics Now and in the Future!
  • Modernizing Requirements webinar
  • 4 Quadrants Of BA Success

Some questions to think about your BA Team and Practice:

  • How can you empower your team to modernize their skill sets?
  • How can you educate and advocate for modern analysis and the value of modern BA skills?
  • What things should your org or team STOP, START, and KEEP doing to advance the BA role?

From the Blog Collection:

  • What is Business Analysis
  • The Future of Business Analysis
  • The Shift to Modern Requirements
  • Time To Do Requirements Right?
  • Agile Requirements – What Needs To Be Documented
  • No Role For a BA in Scrum! What?

From the Resources Collection:

The Resources page is a page full of templates, downloads and resources, here are some to help with your practice

  •  The State of Agile Analysis – A research report with real data on what analysis activities successful agile teams are doing
  • Guide To Interviewing BAs
  • Prep Sheet for Interviewing BAs
  • BA Practice Metrics to Consider

From the OnDemand Courses Collection:

The OnDemand page has deeper content that takes more time, but well worth it, consider starting with these:

Next Steps:

Look at more Pathways, On Demand Courses, Video Galleries and tons of resources and templates to help you build your BA Practice and Team!

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