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Questioning Skills = BA Magic!

Asking questions is arguably the MOST POWERFUL skill you can have as a business analysis professional!

Many leaders I have talked to have said it is their favorite quality in the best BAs!


It’s about a shared understanding!  It’s not about just asking stakeholders what they want or what their requirements are!

When working with other people to solve a problem, it’s not enough to describe the problem to them; they need to understand it for themselves. You can help them do this by asking questions that lead them to think about the topic. This requires you to listen. Let go of your personal biases and assumptions. Find out what the person you’re interviewing knows about the problem.

Behind effective questioning lies the ability to listen to the answer and suspend judgment. This means being intent on understanding what the person is really saying. What is behind their words? Fear? Excitement? Resistance? Let go of your preconceptions so they don’t block you from learning more information.

Let’s dig in and learn more about the magic of asking good questions!