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Welcome to the User Story Splitting Class on!

Are any of these things happening to your teams?

Story carry over from sprint to sprint?

User Story creep – scope of the user stories keeps growing?

User Stories become technical or task oriented when split to fit into a sprint?

User Story Splitting is one of the most important skills to master as a BA or PO and for the team!
Being a user story splitting master helps the team deliver faster and with better quality!
Are you unsure how to split user stories to help your agile team?
Here’s your chance to bring effective strategies to split stories to get to outcome driven results. It is a skill of analysis and decomposition that many teams struggle with and end up with stories full of dependencies when not done well. In this mini-course, you will have the opportunity to practice story splitting and review the common mistakes teams make. It is recommended that students first taken our User Stories – What You Need To Know Course on demand course and our Acceptance Criteria Course before taking this course.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover what makes story splitting important to agile teams
  • Review the common mistakes made in splitting stories
  • Uncover strategies for story splitting
  • Practice story splitting with multiple scenarios and examples

In this course we will look at:

  • What is User Story Splitting
  • Why is User Story Splitting Important
  • Common User Story Splitting Patterns
  • Common User Story Splitting Mistakes
  • Using Acceptance Criteria to Help Split User Stories
  • Collaborating With the team on Splitting
  • Practice, Practice and more Practice!
Let’s dig into it and get your mastery of this key skill going!