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Product Metrics – MEMBERS ONLY


You have a product vision, now make it measurable! Let’s explore what measurable product metrics look like, how to create them and even look at your project/product examples and what measurable metrics would look like for them!  

Technique Demo: SIPOC – MEMBERS ONLY

An analysis technique that has roots in 6-Sigma, strong linkages to business process, and super useful for analysis on many project types. Come see if this technique will help your project!  

Prospective & New Member Orientation – April


For new and prospective members to learn about all the benefits of a BA-Cube membership Get a tour Ask Angela Questions Get yourself ready to learn and make the most of BA-Cube! Empowering the best business analysis of tomorrow!  

Managing Conflict – – MEMBERS ONLY


An interactive session on discovering conflict styles in yourself and others, and learning to recognize them and adjust behaviors accordingly.

The Pencil Challenge – MEMBERS ONLY


An interactive online game to help cultivate your agile mindset! Don’t miss this fun event and the amazing learning moments!

LinkedIn Audio Chat

LinkedIn AUDIO

We are talking about Transparency and WIP and how analysis can help teams with this AND accelerate speed! Come chat!

Hypothesis & Experiments – – MEMBERS ONLY


Have you proposed or designed a Hypothesis and/or Experiment for your team/project/product?  It is a very agile way of working and BAs and POs can lead the way to help the team deliver value fast and get feedback fast!  Let’s explore these concepts and how you can use them!  

Technique Demo: Event Response Table – MEMBERS ONLY


An analysis technique that is a wonderful way to communicate the combination of a user action, the automations, and system responses and how they are all connected!  Come see if this technique will help your project!