TEST Kick Off – May 3rd Copy

Welcome to the Learning Cohort – The May 3rd Kick-Off meeting link – Click to Join!

You can mark this lesson as complete when the following are done:

  1. I have all the live session dates on my calendar
  2. I have successfully received the live session zoom link for this kick-off meeting from Angela (Instructor) – Details in an email sent from Angela@BA-Sqaured.com Friday 4/30.
  3. I have attended the kick-off meeting on May 3rd.

Covered in the Kick-off Meeting (notes if you missed it):

  • To receive a full 20 IIBA PDUs/CDUs for this Learning Cohort experience and receive a certificate of completion, you must complete the entire course, including all the live sessions and the practice work.  I can waive the intro kick-off from May 3rd, but other live sessions I cannot.  Otherwise, you will need to self-track your hours and self-report the hours you have spent.
  • The live sessions will be in each session’s lesson as a link, each lesson will be released according to the schedule posted. So, you go to the lesson on BA-Cube.com before class for the link to log in.
  • The live sessions will not be recorded.  Many of you will be sharing your work examples via screen share with questions and to keep your work and organization’s work private we will not record.
  • You may participate as little or as much as you would like and as you can, refer to top bullet on impact to earning IIBA CDU/PDUs
  • Guidelines the participants on the kick-off, fellow cohort members:
    •  want a safe space to learn
    • want you all to share and participate
    • want feedback from Angela and others
    • want an interactive experience from everyone
    • want to learn how and when to use visual models
  • A Cohort Only forum has been set up and is viewable from the Community Section on BA-Cube.com (only viewable for those enrolled in the Cohort).  The Cohort Forum is also viewable from each Topic/Lesson page.  Please ask each other and me questions there between sessions!  Make this fun all week long!
  • You can access the Visual Models Cohort page from the Live Events Page or Community Forum
  • Your pre-work for Topic 1 is posted and ready for you!  It should take you 1-2 hours to complete!

See you on the Forums and on May 17th!