Live Event Topics

2019 Virtual Workshop Topics + We’ll Add More Soon!

  • User Story Basics
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • User Story Mapping
  • User Story Splitting
  • Technical Stories
  • Agile Concepts (Being vs. Doing Agile)
  • Artificial Intelligence and the Digital BA
  • Visual Models for BAs – Assets to the Agile Team
  • Scope Models/Diagram
  • Planning High Impact Virtual Meetings
  • Backlog Refinement – What its all about!
  • Developing a Product Vision and Road-map
  • Non-Functional Requirements – What to do in Agile with them?
  • Facilitating a User Story Writing Workshop
  • What the Agile Ceremonies mean to BAs
  • Defining Powerful Outcomes for Your Product
  • Digital BA Competencies – A Closer Look!
  • High Impact Meetings – A Closer Look

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