What are BA-Cube Live Events all about?

Our Live Events are NOT recorded, they ARE INTERACTIVE and members share information and participate in a safe environment where they can share and learn without fear saying something, asking something, or sharing something and being judged later.  BA-Cube Membership is a community, not a webinar site.  We go deep and we learn beyond what other live event  formats can provide!

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Angela Wick & BA-Cube


Traceability – MEMBERS ONLY


In this session, we will look at what Traceability is, types of traceability, examples & templates, and discuss when to use it!  

Digital Product Chat – MEMBERS ONLY


In this session, we will talk about what business analysis means for Digital Products. Is analysis different?  What does it take for these projects to be successful?  

Intake Process: What gets onto the backlog? – MEMBERS ONLY


In this session, we will talk about what a good intake process should entail.  This is about controlling what gets onto the backlog, prioritizing what gets worked on and what does NOT! Registration link for members coming closer to the event date.

How To Make Toast – TedTalk Chat – MEMBERS ONLY


In this event, we will watch a quick TedTalk from Tom Wuject on "How to Make Toast" and discuss the design and analysis implications of the concepts in the TedTalk.  This TedTalk talks about how visual models create conversation, find gaps, help us collaborate and some concepts for best practices when working with stakeholders and […]

Acceptance Criteria Jam


Bring your user stories and Acceptance Criteria and we will give you feedback on how to make them better!!!  This event works when YOU bring the examples and amazing learning happens with REAL examples and real context!  Let's make your acceptance criteria awesome!