What are BA-Cube Live Events all about?

Our Live Events are NOT recorded, they ARE INTERACTIVE and members share information and participate in a safe environment where they can share and learn without fear saying something, asking something, or sharing something and being judged later.  BA-Cube Membership is a community, not a webinar site.  We go deep and we learn beyond what other live event  formats can provide!

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{LinkedIN AUDIO} Critical BA Competencies

LinkedIn AUDIO

September 29h - Critical BA Competencies https://www.linkedin.com/events/audio-criticalcompetenciesneede6976211841261740032/about/  

{LinkedIN AUDIO} BA Documenter or Strategist?

LinkedIn AUDIO

September 15th - BAs Documenter or Strategist? https://www.linkedin.com/events/businessanalyst-documenterorstr6971149171579863040/about/    

LinkedIn Audio Chat

LinkedIn AUDIO

We are talking about Transparency and WIP and how analysis can help teams with this AND accelerate speed! Come chat!