Welcome New Member!

Welcome to the BA-Cube.com Learning Platform! Congratulations on making a smart decision that will have major impacts on your BA career; from advancing your skillsets to preparing for certifications, a BA-Cube.com membership will take you places. 

Oh, The Places You’ll Go. Where to Start on the BA-Cube.com Journey….

  • Agile BA Skills Inventory Self Assessment – Start here so you can prioritize what needs improvement. There are 185 skills in 11 categories. Self-assessment can provide insight into your own authentic comprehension and can help to identify gaps in your Agile knowledge.
  • Schedule A Mentoring Session –  Discussing what you discovered during the skills inventory will have profound impacts on meeting your professional goals. Either in the small group mentoring chats or 1:1 with Angela, both formats are available.
  • Check out the Video Library – The video library covers all the BA categories plus other topics that BAs can face to face with everyday. The videos are short, less than 5 – 7 minutes and link to template downloads in the resource section of the platform.  
  • On-Demand Courses –  Take these valuable courses at your own pace. These are great for preparing for IIBA certification exams. 
  • Set Your Goals for Growth – Setting goals are essential for growth. Without a clear roadmap, the probability of getting to your destination is significantly diminished.

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