BA-Cube’s Host & Creator, Angela Wick

Angela created BA-Cube with the passion to bring modern, and continuous learning to Business Analysts and Product Owners.  Learning in small chunks, a little each week, on your own time, and in Live Events with interaction with other professionals, sharing knowledge, challenges, and successes has a powerful impact on learning fast and getting results!

Analysis is changing and changing fast; and continuous learning in small chunks, constantly learning, evolving and hearing how experts and peers are working in today’s challenging environment is what BA-Cube is all about.  Join our community, engage as little or as much as you want and can.  We learn modern skills, a little each week, and learn from real project examples in our Live Events.  Get feedback from experts, hear from others, and gain confidence in your skills in today’s fast page environment!

Angela Wick is a respected and internationally-known business analysis, requirements, and agile product ownership expert. She’s passionate about bringing agility, innovation, and creativity to solution delivery processes.

As the founder of BA-Squared, LLC, Angela provides training and consulting services in the areas of business analysis, agile product ownership, business agility, and project management with an emphasis on developing modern requirements practices with a value mindset.

In addition to her roles as leader of BA-Squared and creator of BA-Cube, Angela contributes to industry thought leadership in the following ways: