Submit your examples of Engaging and Participative Facilitation Skills

Here are the next steps:

  1. please submit your ? agenda(s) & engagement ideas(s) ? to:
    • use the subject “Engaging & Participative Facilitation Skills for Modern BA Ninja – Series 1” in your email
  2. once we receive your agendas & engagement ideas we will be getting in touch to set up a time to “meet” up live to provide you feedback on the visual model you submitted.

Download, complete and submit the Meeting Planner Template

  • Describe how you create meaningful meeting purpose and objectives
  • Share your preferred group process in decision making and problem solving
  • Explain when you may use divergent vs convergent group thinking processes
  • Share how you will make it through facilitating the “groan zone” and uncomfortable parts of meetings
  • Include examples of creative structured activities
  • Provide an example of handling difficult personalities and situations

I look forward to reviewing your agendas, meeting planners and engaging ideas.