Practice Visual Models

Now that you have taken the Visual Models – Your Keys To Finding Requirements Gaps! course you can share the gaps you are going to fill with your visual models. This is where you take the time to gather your newly learned skills and apply them to one of your visual models (or create a new visual model from one of your old models).

Here are some parameters for submitting your visual model in the next section of this course:

  • at least 100 words + a diagram/visual model ?
  • editable or not ? Word or  PDF ?
  • apply at least 2 principles from the course ?
  • Angela, do you want them to submit all their visual models here and if so, how many? Or, do you want this page/process repeated 5 times (for example) for each submission? How many visual models and many thoughts/reflections are to be submitted?

If you have questions please reach out to