Process Modeling Relationship to Decision Tables Copy

Remember from the Process Models lesson that the diamonds in Process Models can be signs that a Decision Table is needed. So, yes, whenever you are tempted to use a diamond in a process model, think about using a Decision Table. The Decision Table can be an attachment to a box on a process model.

For example:  In a this process model,

Part of the View Cart box would have some sub-steps if we went another level down. Perhaps the more detailed model for View Cart might look like:

View Items –> View Shipping –> View Promotions –> View Cart Total

And, as part of View Shipping we can imagine that Calculate Shipping Cost would be a sub-step of View Shipping. Calculate Shipping would be an activity box and likely a Decision Table would be needed to outline the various rules to calculate the shipping cost based on various conditions and variables. A Decision Table would be so much easier than all of the diamonds needed to outline the logic.  A Decision Table is also more accurate to outline all of the scenarios.