Introducing Pathways – Ready…Set…START!

Getting Started is Half the BAttle Mark Twain has a pretty amazing, and relatable quote about starting something to get ahead. The secret to achieving anything is just the actual […]

Getting Started is Half the BAttle

Mark Twain has a pretty amazing, and relatable quote about starting something to get ahead. The secret to achieving anything is just the actual act of starting! All too often our project work and demands of others interfere with our ability to keep our career goals and skills development as a top priority. That nagging sensation that something is falling behind creates a bit of anxiety that we aren’t keeping up and maintaining our value in our roles and responsibilities. We know we need to do something yet the solution or an easy solution can escape us. I hear the pain points frequently from my mentees, clients, and members. The details of the story might be different but the frustrations about where and how to start are pretty consistent. My enduring message of continuous learning as an instructor, trainer, and curriculum developer drives the depth and breadth of content on the platform. The vast BA/PO community network knows they need to start but is starting at square one the best approach? Or is an entry-level BA seriously supposed to jump right into requirement models and stakeholder engagement resources without truly understanding the role and the why behind their work? Probably not the best approach for anyone at any level.

Hurray, You’ve Arrived! Now what?

Introducing Pathways. Guides to start your learning journey. These 15 Pathways (and more coming after these) have been carefully curated to pinpoint where you are to where you’re going in your career. The benefits are pretty obvious on how these are learning paths however the really important benefit of these guides is the focused learning paths in small, bite-sized chunks. And just like the good, ole’ Mark Twain quote clarifies, “breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and starting on the first one.” That’s exactly what I did for you. Fifteen unique pathways, with 15 customized starts…to finishes. Here’s a summary of each pathway and who it’s created for:

Pathways – Guides to Start Your Learning Journey

  1. I am a new BA, I need to learn the basics  – Just starting as a BA, needs some guidance on how to navigate the new role.
  2. I want to learn more about agile  – Understanding what agile really is!
  3. I am a BA working on an agile team – Be confident and prepared to talk the talk and walk the walk of an agile BA.
  4. I am a BA Manager – I Need Resources! – Resources to help build the practice and grow their skillsets.
  5. I just became a Product Owner. – The differences, pivots, and changes you’ll need to focus on the new role.
  6. I want to improve my stakeholder management skills – Great reminders for collaboration, as well as tips, and tools to build consensus and influence others.
  7. I want to be a better facilitator in meetings – Make your meetings magical, engaging, and worthy of everyone’s attendance.
  8. I want to learn more visual analysis models – Perfect for remote work or in-office situations and how the models enhance existing processes, find gaps, and help all BAs and POs.
  9. I want to learn how to write good user stories and acceptance criteria – Improve current skills in these critical areas, many examples, and practice.
  10. I am a BA and want to up my game (Modern Ninja) – This is all about modernization and being the best modern BA.
  11. I am a BA and need to modernize my skills and mindset – Calculate where you are and what to focus on to modernize.
  12. I am an agile BA looking to move into Product Ownership – Take actionable steps toward the PO role goal.
  13. I am a Product Owner looking needing to learn PO skills – Just started as PO and want to get ahead with skill development.
  14. I have a tech background and I need to learn how to be more business and customer-focused – For the BA who comes from a technical background and needs to learn the customer, user, and business thinking skills.
  15. I have experience as a BA and want to grow my leadership skills – Becoming a leader as a BA!

Be sure to watch the introductory video that explains the pathways and how to use them to your benefit. No matter where you are in your BA/PO career, what your goals are, or how to set your goals these guides are designed to get you started in your learning journey!