Where To Start your BA-Cube Journey

So, with so much content on BA-Cube.com, Where Do You Start?

Pathways are buckets of learning content to help you find and get started with starter content on various topics; then you can dig deeper with our On-Demand Courses.

The On-Demand courses (on other pages) are formally designed curriculum with a specific order to the content designed for a learning purpose.


1 I am a new BA
2 I want to learn more about Agile
3 I am a BA working on an agile team
4 I am a BA Manager – I Need Resources!
5 I just became a Product Owner!
6 I want to improve my stakeholder management skills
7 I want to be a better facilitator in meetings
8 I want to learn more visual analysis models
9 I want to learn how to write good user stories and acceptance criteria
10 I am a BA, and want to up my game (Modern Ninja)
11 I am a BA and need to modernize my skills and mindset
12 I am an agile BA looking to move into Product Ownership
13 I am a Product Owner looking to learn PO skills
14 I have a tech background and I need to learn how to be more business and customer focused
15 I have experience as a BA and want to grow my leadership skills

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