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Where To Start your BA-Cube Journey

So, with so much content on, Where Do You Start?

We are creating Pathways to help you get started with starter content on various topics and then where to dig deeper.

Pathways are curated lists of BA-Cube content to help you find what you are looking for. We are creating them in order, and you will see them all soon!

1 I am a new BA
2 I want to learn more about Agile
3 I am a BA working on an agile team
4 I am a BA Manager – I Need Resources!
5 I just became a Product Owner!
6 I want to improve my stakeholder management skills
7 I want to be a better facilitator in meetings
8 I want to learn more visual analysis models
9 I want to learn how to write good user stories and acceptance criteria
10 I am a BA, and want to up my game (Modern Ninja)
11 I am a BA and need to modernize my skills and mindset
12 I am an agile BA looking to move into Product Ownership
13 I an a Product Owner looking to learn PO skills
14 I have a tech background and I need to learn how to be more business and customer focused
15 I have experience as a BA and want to grow my leadership skills

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Pathway 4: I am a BA Manager – I need resources for my Practice!

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Pathway 6: I Want To Improve My Stakeholder Management

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Pathway 7: I Want to Facilitate Better in Meetings

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Pathway 8: I Want To Learn Visual Analysis Models

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