Introduction to Engaging and Participative Facilitation Skills

Facilitation is by far an in demand skill for BAs, and critical to not only role success, but advancing in our careers as well.
Facilitation class parts:
  • Participative and Engaging Facilitation
  • Good meeting purposes and objectives
  • Divergent and Convergent Thinking
  • Planning and executing structured activities

    • 3 Step Model
  • Handling difficult situations
  • Meeting planner
  • Applying engaging meeting techniques to virtual teams and remote meetings:
    • Models of remote and virtual meetings
    • Applying the 3 step model to virtual meetings
    • Tools and skills to use them
    • Virtual Meeting Planner
  • Techniques to amp up your facilitation
Multitasking is a coping mechanism, they lack control….doodle, make lists, day dream, phone….
TIP: in 30 min you can check your phone.
TIP:  Issue a “last call”, check in “have the questions been answered?”
TIP: Don’t end on logistics, end on what you want people to remember