Submit your examples of Product Ownership – Product Visioning and Roadmapping

Here are the next steps:

  1. please submit your ? product vision(s) & roadmap(s) ? to:
    • use the subject “Product Visioning & Roadmapping for Modern BA Ninja – Series 1” in your email
  2. once we receive your visions & roadmaps we will be getting in touch to set up a time to “meet” up live to provide you feedback on the visual model you submitted.

Here is a template and some things to think about when working on your product visions & roadmaps:

This product is for ______________

Who need ____________________

This product will _______________

Compared to today where _______.

  • Who is the target user group?
  • Who is the WHO of the product vision?
  • Is this in plain English?
  • Is this measurable?

I look forward to reviewing your product visions and roadmaps.