The BA Worldwide & The BABOK

Business Analysis has roots in software development. These roots started back in the 1970s when many systems were isolated and simple compared to today’s systems. Analysis years ago was often isolated to a single system, that supported a single user group and analysts could easily have all of the working knowledge of both the business operations and the system details to serve the users and business goals.

Over time, systems have become far more complex, much more integrated with one another and they are changing much faster as integrated systems change daily impacting other connected systems. This extremely complex environment requires a larger focus on analysis of the problem, workflows, users, and data, and less focus on “knowing it all”. No one can possibly know all the detail of today’s integrated business systems and processes. The role and mindset of the BA is to use structured analysis and collaboration processes aligned to the desired user and business outcomes to get the best possible results within the accepted risk tolerance.

In 2003 the IIBA (Intentional Institute of Business Analysis) was born to serve the global community of business analysis and develop a global standard for practice and certification. THE BABOK (A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge), the latest version released v3, in 2014, attempts to define the profession and provide a guide to the various knowledge and techniques that business analysis professionals use. It is full of great information on what Business Analysis is and the various skills, tasks and techniques. It is not a process, not a methodology, but a guide that summarizes many ways of doing the work of business analysis.

IIBA ( is the leading global authority on business analysis, and Angela has been fortunate to be involved over the years.

  • Angela Wick was a Lead Author on the BABOK v3
  • Also, an expert reviewer on the Agile Ext to the BABOK
  • And, lead the IIBA Competency Model development for versions, 1,2,3.
  • And, was on the committee that authored the CBAP exam questions for v2 of the BABOK.

Here is a bit more about my journey as a BA!


IIBA is the leader in the global practice with the BABOKv3, and the CBAP certification among many other BA related certifications.

Here is a link to the IIBA and BABOK v3.

Here is a link to a “skinny” version of the BABOK, called the “Core Standard”, it is free, and the bigger more formal version is free when membership to IIBA is purchased.

BA-Cube is an Endorsed Education Provider with IIBA.

IIBA supports the BA role in agile with its Agile Ext to the BABOK, here is a little video about it:


Some other organizations that also support the profession and practice of business analysis:

  1. PMI – Project Management Institute – PMI has a Guide to Business Analysis that Angela got to be an Expert Reviewer on and they have a certification called the PMI-PBA for those that want to learn about BA, but may also have strong career aspirations in project management.

PMI BA Practice Guide

  1. BCS – British Computer Society – has a BA/Requirements Certification, and it is more widely known and accepted in Europe.

  BCS BA Certification info