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Pathway: I am a Product Owner Looking to Learn PO Skills

About this Pathway – This Pathway is just a small part of content that helps POs!  This is just a place to get started!  Most of the content and events on can help POs learn and perform better, so don’t stop here after this pathway!  Check out Pathway 12 for more on growing into the PO role!

From the Videos Collection:

  • Top Performing POs
  • Backlog Health Check
  • Add a Column To Your Board
  • Job to be Done
  • How to Run a User Story Workshop
  • Decision Making – Timing is Everything
  • Decision Making – Cost of Delay and Last Responsible Moment

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From the Resources Collection:

The Resources page is a page full of templates, downloads and resources, here are the top ones related to being a PO!

From the OnDemand Courses Collection:

The OnDemand page has deeper content that takes more time, but well worth it, consider starting with these:

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Look at more Pathways, On Demand Courses, Video Galleries and tons of resources and templates to help you be a great PO!  This is just the start!  

You can go much deeper in facilitation and value delivery skills!