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From the Videos Collection:

Quick Videos:

  • What’s A Modern BA?
  • Mapping Executive Metrics to BA Work
  • BA Mission Statement
  • Assigning BAs to the Right Projects
  • Top Performing BAs
  • How To Develop Top Performing BAs
  • Interviewing BAs
  • Tracking BA Skills
  • Types of BA Leaders

Webinars (Go Deeper!):

  • BA Metrics Now and in the Future!
  • Modernizing Requirements webinar
  • 4 Quadrants Of BA Success

Some questions to think about your BA Team and Practice:

  • How can you empower your team to modernize their skill sets?
  • How can you educate and advocate for modern analysis and the value of modern BA skills?
  • What things should your org or team STOP, START, and KEEP doing to advance the BA role?

Here is some space to capture your thoughts and take some notes, you can find your notes under Account on the BA-Cube main menu:


From the Blog Collection:

From the Resources Collection:

The Resources page is a page full of templates, downloads and resources, here are some to start helping you with your practice:


From the OnDemand Courses Collection:

The OnDemand page has deeper content that takes more time, but well worth it, consider starting with these:

Next Steps:

Look at more Pathways, On Demand Courses, Video Galleries and tons of resources and templates to help you build your BA Practice and Team!