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Are you a dedicated business analyst looking to validate and enhance your skills or your teams skills? Take the next step in your professional journey by testing your knowledge and expertise in the field of business analysis. Our Business Analyst Assessments are here to guide you and your team on your journey towards professional growth and success.

  • Assess your skills as an individual
  • Assess your team’s skills with roll-up level data

Agile BA Assessment 

Use this Agile BA – Quiz Style Assessment to test your knowledge and develop self-awareness about your agile BA capabilities. This assessment has 48 questions based on 5 categories of agile BA knowledge.


Agile BA Role

Agile Analysis Techniques

Agile Team Situations

BA & PO Skills Assessment

Are you a driven and passionate business analyst looking to take your skills to the next level? Our BA & PO Skills Inventory Assessment is here to guide you on your journey towards professional growth and success.

Common BA/PO Tasks

Facilitating Engaging Meetings

Technical Knowledge & Skills

… and many more!

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Yes, we do group-level assessments with roll-up reporting data! For larger team assessments or full enterprise access, please contact Angela at


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