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“I love having a platform for the team to learn in one consistent way.” – BA Manager with a Team License

“BA-Cube has re-invigorated my work as a Business Analyst, I am a completely changed BA with more skills and a totally different mindset since joining BA-Cube!  My skills have elevated and I’ve become much more efficient with my work….Thanks to my training with BA-Cube, I’ve had the skills and confidence to influence the entire team’s productivity and expectations of requirements. I’ve also been able to influence my product owner and development team and, as a whole, through better requirements practices, we have become more efficient, enabling faster delivery with higher quality! I only wish that all BAs and teams had access to BA-Cube training as it elevates not just the BA Role, but the whole team and the work environment!”  BA-Cube Member

“As a BA Manager I can coach and set goals with the resources on BA-Cube.” BA Manager with a Team License

“BA-Cube has been an absolute game-changer in my career! This is the most relevant, helpful, and beneficial resource I have come across. As a new BA (less than 2 years), I was thrown into my role with very little direction, but with the help of BA-Cube and Angela, I’ve started to build my confidence and show the value of the BA role within my company. There’s so much out there in the world on business analysis, but BA-Cube brings everything you need to know into one interactive and amazing place! I’ve learned more from some of the 3-5 minute videos on BA-Cube than I have while spending hours on YouTube. I highly recommend the group mentoring sessions because you get to interact with other BAs/POs who are doing different types of work and get their perspective on their challenges. I even more highly recommend the live mentoring!! Angela is a wonderful mentor who has a great way of breaking down concepts and providing invaluable assistance that can be applied immediately to my actual work!”

Thanks BA-Cube! – Bella P.

“Providing my team BA-Cube memberships has resulted in increased engagement in our team meetings around new learnings and upcoming topics of interest. It also provides a resource where I know my team can get a consistent and quality experience where all team members are ‘hearing’ the same thing.” Business Analyst Team Lead

“BAs at any level will also learn new techniques or relearn techniques in a new way.” BA Manager with a Team LIcense

“As a BA Manager I can coach and set goals with the resources on BA-Cube.” BA Manager with a Team License

“BA-Cube makes my job easier by providing my team with the resources and content that enables me as the lead to easily set standards and best practices based on BA cube resources.

BA-Cube is providing the relevant training and mentoring my team needs by providing current and industry relevant topics.  I have a variety of experience and skillset on my team and the beginner to advanced content enables my team members to sharpen existing skills and gain new ones in a format that best suits them. There is always updated content which keeps them invested in the continual personal and professional development cycle.”  BA Manager with a Team License