On-Demand Courses

BA-Cube.com On-Demand courses are a great part of BA-Cube membership!

The classes include multiple lessons with a combination of videos, articles, exercises, and quizzes to check your understanding. We’ll be rolling out additional on-demand classes soon!

The best part is when you add Live Events & Coaching to your BA-Cube.com experience!  You will get a full learning experience where you will build confidence in the course material, interact with the instructor, get feedback on trying out the new learnings, and see how others in your profession are using the same concepts being learned!


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Engaging and Participative Facilitation Skills

This course will teach you the concepts and skills needed for positive and deep engagement from everyone in your meetings, how to plan meetings to get better engagement, how to manage difficult dynamics and personalities, and how to get your stakeholders begging for more of your time to help them solve problems.


Visual Models – Your Keys To Finding Requirements Gaps! Part 1

In part one of our visual modeling course, you'll discover how to use visual models to find missed requirements, analyze for gaps and get your stakeholders talking! Find out why visuals are critical for agile, traditional and hybrid teams!

Agile BA and Product Owner Courses:


User Stories – What You Need To Know!

Making your user stories effective is what this course is all about! Whether you’ve been using user stories for years or you’re just diving in, it’s important to regularly reflect on the value user stories bring to your requirements and delivery process.


Product Ownership – Product Visioning and Roadmapping

This course explores critical aspects of product ownership like creating a compelling, customer value-focused product vision and product roadmap; taking an outcomes and customer-centric view to planning and acting as a Product Owner.


Acceptance Criteria

This course dives into acceptance criteria which is most commonly associated with user stories but can be used with ANY requirements work. If you are looking to define what makes the requirement successful in the eyes of the user, then this course is for you!


User Story Mapping

This course covers: What a user story map is, how user story mapping helps teams, how to create a user story map,
common user story mapping mistakes, how and when teams use user story maps, using visual models with user story maps - magical analysis, and loads of exercises and practice!


User Story Splitting

This course dives into user story splitting and slicing best practices, patterns and techniques. User Story Splitting is a key skill for agile teams, product owners and BAs to truly manage getting fast feedback and a steady pace of delivery for the team.

Modern Ninja Program 

For those with Live Event Access!


Modern BA Ninja – 1st Dimension

The Modern BA Ninja Program elevates BA skills and practices into modern applications of business analysis for today's changing technology and business landscape. This 1st Dimension is the first of 3 parts of the Modern BA Ninja Program. Join us to elevate and modernize your BA skills.