The Ultimate BA Master Class

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The Content You Need To Elevate and Thrive as a BA!


The Ultimate BA Master Class includes 9 themes each with multiple lessons with a combination of videos, articles, exercises, and quizzes to check your understanding.

You will get a full learning experience when you attend our Live Events; live interactive mentoring events where you will build confidence in the course material, interact with the instructor, get feedback on trying out the new learnings, and see how others in your profession are using the same concepts being learned!

Free Sample Lesson Inside Theme 1 & Theme 3

Open up the courses to see the outlines and free sample lessons


Theme 4: Key Business Analysis Concepts

Theme 4 of The Ultimate BA MasterClass explores the key concepts needed in Business Analysis!


Theme 5: Technical Concepts for Business Analysts

Theme 5 of The Ultimate BA MasterClass is about the technical concepts you need to understand to do great BA work!


Theme 6: Pre-Built (SaaS, Cloud, Vendor) vs. Custom Build Software

This theme of The Ultimate BA MasterClass goes into detail on how requirements and the requirements process is different for package software, cloud & SaaS software, and vendor implementations.