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Here you will find a listing of all of our learning resources included in a BA-Cube membership!  They are listed by the type of learning resources!

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On-Demand Courses

Our On-Demand Courses are a combination of videos, readings, exercises, quizzes, reflections, and practice.  When you add on the Live Events and Mentoring to your membership, you get a chance to get real feedback on your exercises and real project work applying the concepts!

The Ultimate BA Masterclass 

The ultimate class with 9 Themes (mini-classes) with ALL the basics of being a BA.  From the Mindset to Technical Knowledge, Key Analysis Concepts, Deliverables, and How To Ask Good Questions, this course has it ALL!

Theme 1: The BA Role & Mindset

Theme 2: The BA process

Theme 3: The Deliverables

Theme 4: Key BA Concepts

Theme 5: Technical Concepts BAs Need To Understand

Theme 6: Package/Vendor Software

Theme 7: Questioning Skills

Theme 8: Listening Skills

User Stories – What You Need To Know – Learn all about user stories, the best practices and practice yourself!

Acceptance Criteria – Learn all about user story acceptance criteria, the best practices and practice yourself!

Product Ownership – Product Vision & Road-Mapping – Discover what product vision and road maps can do for agile teams, the role of the PO and how to create them!
Modern Ninja! – This program of courses truly will modernize your skill set, give you practice and if you choose to have mentoring sessions you can get feedback on applying these new skills to your real project work!

User Story Splitting – Learn all about user story splitting, strategies, patterns, and more, then practice yourself!

User Story Mapping – Learn all about user story mapping, strategies, patterns, and more, then practice yourself!
Facilitation – Engaging and Participative Facilitation Skills – Learn modern collaboration and engaging facilitation skills and make your meetings matter!

Visual Analysis Models Part 1 – Learn 3 of the top visual analysis models (Scope/Context Diagrams, Process Models, and Decision Tables), practice them, and learn how they fit into agile practices.

Visual Analysis Models Part 2 – Learn 4 more of the top visual analysis models (Value Stream Map, SIPOC, Functional Decomposition, Business Model Canvas)

Visual Analysis Models Part 3 – Learn 4 more of the top visual analysis models (State Transition Diagram, Sequence Diagram Data Flow Diagram, Event Response Table)

Digital BA – Learn about how projects and analysis are different in a digital environment. Learn about the latest digital technologies and how analysis is a different approach!

You 2.0! Transformation Challenge – Who Do You Want To Be?

Skill Assessments

Assess Your Skills!

Discover where your skill gaps are and then go get the BA-Cube.com content to skill up!

BA & PO Skills Inventory

Determine what skills you have can yet grow!

Agile BA Skills Assessment 

Test out your agile BA skills!  Find out how agile you are!


Curated learning Pathways for your specific goals!

  • Pathway 1: I am a new BA
  • Pathway 2: I want to learn more about Agile
  • Pathway 3: I am a BA working on an agile team
  • Pathway 4: I am a BA Manager – I Need Resources!
  • Pathway 5: I just became a Product Owner!
  • Pathway 6: I want to improve my stakeholder management skills
  • Pathway 7: I want to be a better facilitator in meetings
  • Pathway 8: I want to learn more visual analysis models
  • Pathway 9: I want to learn how to write good user stories and acceptance criteria
  • Pathway 10: I am a BA, and want to up my game (Modern Ninja)
  • Pathway 11: I am a BA and need to modernize my skills and mindset
  • Pathway 12: I am an agile BA looking to move into Product Ownership
  • Pathway 13: I am a Product Owner looking to learn PO skills
  • Pathway 14: I have a tech background and I need to learn how to be more business and customer focused
  • Pathway 15: I have experience as a BA and want to grow my leadership skills

Learn more about each Pathway


Quick Tip Videos!

5 Min Quick Tip Videos!

Archived Webinars

Over 225 videos to get just what you need when you need it!

Got a challenge? Just search for the right video to solve it!


Agile Business Analysis

Impact Mapping

Sprint Zero

Use Cases and User Stories

How To Run A User Story Workshop

Facilitating A Remote User Story Workshop

Three Agile BA Myths

BAs and the Cynefin Model

Putting Discovery & Delivery in View

Agile Concepts Overview

Add a Column to Your Board

Agile BA Confidence

Agile BA Status Report

Agile Concepts: Changing Requirements

Agile Concepts: Doing vs Being

Agile Concepts: Limiting WIP

Agile Concepts: Waterfall vs Agile

Agile Metrics

Assessing Agile BAs

Backlog Health Check

Developing A Product Vision

Feedback Loop

IIBA Agile Extension

Increments of Value

Increments of Value Examples

Outcome Canvas

Outcomes & the Future of The BA Role (Part 2)

Product Roadmap Canvas

Product Vision Canvas

Agile Principles and the BA Role

Agile Manifesto Principles Overview

Agile Manifesto Principle #1

Agile Manifesto Principle #2

Agile Manifesto Principle #3

Agile Manifesto Principle #4

Agile Manifesto Principle #5

Agile Manifesto Principle #6

Agile Manifesto Principle #7

Agile Manifesto Principle #8

Agile Manifesto Principle #9

Agile Manifesto Principle #10

Agile Manifesto Principle #11

Agile Manifesto Principle #12

Role of the BA in Agile

The Future of The BA Role (Part 1)

Role of the BA in Agile

The Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) Theory

The Last Responsible Moment & Cost of Delay

These Are NOT Technical User Stories

User Story Collaboration Canvas

User Story Tips (UST) Overview

UST #1: Put the User at the Center

UST #2: Make the User Action Precise

UST #3: User Stories Need Acceptance Criteria

UST #4: Ask QA If It’s Testable

UST #5: Be Collaborative

UST #6: Slice Your Stories

UST #7: Make Them Feedback-able!

UST #8: You Don’t Need to Implement Every Story

UST #9: Make the WHY Meaningful

UST #10: Keep Technical Details

Agile Ceremonies for BAs

BA Role in Backlog Refinement

Backlog Refinement

Discover the Backlog Board

Facilitating Effective Sprint Reviews

Get Up, Stand Up!

Improve Your Retrospectives!

Make the Backlog More Transparent

Sprint Planning

Swarm: It’s What Mature Agile Teams Do Everyday

The 5 Levels of Planning

Design Thinking

Introduction to Design Thinking

Event Response Tables


Business Model Canvas

Customer Journey Map

Empathize in Their World

Empathy Mapping

User Hierarchy

Digital BA

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for BAs

Digital BA Overview

AI and Machine Learning

AI Voice, Language and Speech




Hypothesize & Experiment Part 1

Hypothesize & Experiment Part 2

Linking It All Together

Robotic Process Automation

Swarm Intelligence

Video and Image AI

Managing Relationships

The Cone of Uncertainty

Do it ALL Now!

Strategizing Stakeholder Communications

Active Listening

Influence – Knowing What Others Care About

Influence – Serving Up Decisions

Influence – Multi-dimensional Decision Making

Influence – Transparency

Change Management & User Impact

Stakeholder Management

Alignment On Assumptions

How To Disagree with Someone

Building Relationships: Know Another’s Style

Building Relationships: The Mindset

Creating the “Ah Ha” Moment

It’s All About Decision Making

Making Better Decisions

Saying No to Stakeholders

Take a Personal Interest in Your Stakeholders

What to do When You Are Micromanaged

When Collaboration Breaks Down

When Right Is Not Always Right

Data and Reporting Analysis

BA Leadership

Top Performing BAs and POs

Tough Conversations – New!

Assigning the Right BAs to the Right Projects

BA Collaboration & RACI

Breaking Down the BA Center of Excellence

How Do Executive Metrics Map To My Work?

How To Develop Top Performing BAs

How To Implement Best Practices

Interviewing BAs

Qualities of Top Performing BAs

Tracking BA Skills

Types of BA Leaders

Facilitation Strategies and Techniques

Hybrid Facilitation: Some Remote – Some In Person

Start – Stop – Keep

Presentation Or Discussion

High Velocity Decisions & the 5 Levels of Agreement

Mood Board

Awesome Virtual Meetings

Categories for Categorization

Collaborative Games

Facilitating Great Meetings

Facilitating Great Workshops

Facilitating Workshops: 3-Step Model

Facilitating Workshops: Extroverts and Introverts

Facilitating Workshops: Mood Ring

Facilitating Workshops: Speedboat Technique

Fist of Five

How to End a Remote Meeting

Lean Coffee

Making Meetings More Interesting

Mirror Game

Preparing for a Requirements Workshop

Remote Meeting Models

Thumb Voting

Tips for Virtual Meeting Models

Webinar: Facilitating Engaging Virtual Meetings

What, So What, Now What

Straight Up BA


To Be or Not To Be SME

User Hierarchy

How to Structure Requirements

Transition Requirements

CRUD Matrix

DevOps! What does it mean to BAs and POs?

What Problem Are You Trying To Solve?

The Questions You Are Asking

Pathways – New!

Outcomes and Impact – We Make IT Happen

Business Data Analytics: BA Tips

The Pomodoro Technique

Putting Discovery & Delivery in View

Ethics in Analysis

How To Start On A New Requirement or Request?

Level Up Your Remote Meetings


Do You Have Time to Think?

Cyber Security and BAs

Process Models: Swim Lane

Visual Models: Data Flow Diagrams

Visual Models: Decision Tables

Visual Models: Functional Decomposition

Visual Models: Overview

Visual Models: Process Models

Visual Models: Scope and Context Diagrams

Visual Models: Sequence Diagrams

Visual Models: State Diagrams

Visual Models: User Story Maps

Visual Models: Value Stream Map

IIBA Bavatars: Data Analysis

IIBA Bavatars: Visual Thinking

IIBA Bavatars: Voice of the Customer

IIBA’s Bavatars: Communication

IIBA’s Bavatars: Innovation

IIBA’s Bavatars: Process Modeling

Ambiguous Statements

BA Guides & Standards

Be a Problem Solver Not a Spec Writer!

Creating a Complete Requirements Package

Good Requirements Are…

High-Impact Questions

Is Domain Knowledge Important?

Mushy Words

Non-Functional Requirements

Options and Alternatives Analysis

Package Cloud Projects

Product Scope vs Project Scope

Requirements for Reports

System vs Requirements Documentation

The Right Questions at the Right Time

Using a Decision Log

Reusable Requirements Fact or Fiction?

Using a Traditional Status Report


Agile Business Analysis

Impact Mapping

User Story and Use Case Side by Side

Sample User Stories Fixed

7 Ways BAs Add Value to Agile Teams

3 Agile BA Myths We Need to Challenge

5 Levels of Agile Planning

PO/BA Compared to Pro Golfer and Caddy

Agile BA Assessment Checklist

Agile Documentation Tips

Agile Product Ownership E-Book

Agile Status Report

Backlog Board

Benefits of Agile

Definition of Value Checklist

Feedback Loop

Outcome Canvas

Outcome Statements

PO & BA Collaboration Model

Product Vision Canvas

Product Roadmap Canvas

Roadmap Template

The State of Agile Analysis 2019

Top 10 User Story Tips

User Story Canvas

Vision Metrics

Eight Agile Concepts

Agile Executive Action Guide

Agile Value Checklist

Design Thinking

Customer Journey Map Template

Discovery & Delivery – New!

Customer Journey Map

Design Thinking

Empathy Mapping

Digital BA

7 Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Experimenting With Your Hypothesis

Hypothesis Decomposition

Hypothesis Template

For BA Leaders

Top Performing BAs and POs

BA Practice Metrics

Interview Preparation Guide

Leader’s Guide to Interviewing BAs

Facilitation Strategies and Techniques

3 Step Facilitation Model

Categories for Categorization


Virtual Meeting Planner

What, So What, Now What

Workshop Planner Sample and Template

Virtual Meeting Planner

Managing Relationships

Building Relationships: The Meet Up

Building Relationships: The Mindset

Ways to Engage Stakeholders

Straight Up BA

BA Workplan

Impact & Complexity Worksheet

Definition of Ready

Definition of Done


Checklist: How to start on a new team/project already in flight?

5 Key Differences of Requirements w/ Package/Vendor Software

Change Management Techniques

Requirements Checklist

5 Secrets To Asking The RIGHT Questions

Data and Reporting Analysis

Modern Analysis Values

Decision Tables Combo Templates

Full-Stack BA

Use Case Template/Reference/

Create Your BA Mission Statement

The Business Data Analytics and BA Role

BA Cyber Security

BA Success Formula

BABOK v3 Task to Technique Cross Reference

Business Requirements Document

Decision Log

Fit Gap Template

High Impact Questions – 1:1 Conversations

High Impact Questions – Processes and Details

High Impact Questions – Sponsors and Stakeholders

High Impact Questions – Users and SMEs

Managing Ambiguity

Mushy Words

Non-Functional Requirements Cheat Sheet

Options & Alternatives Analysis

Package Software Approach Summary

Package Software Tasks

Reporting Requirements Job Aide

Requirements Workshop Planning

Scoping Checklist

Swim Lane Process Model

Traditional Status Report

Visual Models

What We Need to UNLEARN


Agile Business Analysis

What is Agile BA?

On Agile Teams Analysis happens, Agile BA or not!

BAs and POs: Are You Asking the Right Questions? – New!

Agile Requirements Documentation – What’s Really Needed?

Three Ways to Apply an Agile Mindset to Any Team

Four Agile Metrics Every BA and PO Should Know

Four Habits Agile Teaches That We Can All Refocus on in 2016

Four Ways to Boost the Impact of Agile BAs

Five Reasons Agile BAs Are Critical To An Agile Team

Seven Hot Topics from Agile 2017 in Orlando

Nine Things We Should Talk About: Agile 2016 Conference

Agile Requirements Documentation – What’s Really Needed?

Agile: It’s More Than User Stories

Avoid These Four Things During Your Daily Stand Up

FREE Agile Product Ownership eBook!

Great Things Happen When BAs and POs Become BFFs

Is Your PM/BA Collaboration a Pressure Cooker?

Is Your Roadmap a Joke?

Planning for Requirements in Agile

Struggling with Acceptance Criteria?

Top Seven Things BAs Should Be Doing On An Agile Team

Value-Driven Planning Brings Context to Iterations

We’re Agile, You’re Agile, Why are We Struggling?

What Does a BA Practice Look Like in Agile?

What Happens When You Don’t Have a Product Vision?

What is BUSINESS Agility?

Your Backlog Might Be Broken If….(Part 1)

Your Backlog Might Be Broken If…(Part 2)

User Stories

Acceptance Criteria – Is It Your Team’s Pain Point?

Agile Teams Need More Than User Stories To Build Great Products

Common User Story Mistakes and How to Fix Them

10 Point User Story Evaluation Quiz

User Stories: You Don’t Have to be Agile to Use Them!

User Stories: Your First Step Should Always Be Back

Struggling project? Maybe it’s your user stories

User Stories And Use Cases – Don’t Use Both

Design Thinking

Design Thinking & User-Centered Design: A Lens for Modern Requirements

Digital BA

6 Ways BAs Can Be The Bridge Cyber Security Needs

4 Tips for Writing Artificial Intelligence Requirements

Four Key Tips for AI and Digital Transformation Analysis

Facilitation Strategies and Techniques

Bad Meetings and Bad Dates Look the Same!

Better Brainstorming & Agile Requirements Learning Circle

Boost your brainstorming skills, inspire creativity!

Boring Meetings?

Brainstorming: We Have Lots of Ideas, Now What?

Can Conference Calls be as Effective as Face-to-Face Meetings?

Do you need to be face-to-face to collaborate?

Get past the parking lot, make the move to strategic facilitation!

Good Meetings Create Shared Understanding, Not BRDs!

Hear Crickets on Conference Calls? Three Participation Tips

Multitasking kills creativity and collaboration

Virtual Requirements Meetings: Painful or Practical?

What Can Aerobics Teach us About Collaboration?

BA Leaders

Upskilling the team in the “new normal”

The Top 10 Business Analysis Skills For 2020

The Top Professional Skills Today – How You Can Leverage Them as a Modern BA!

Managing Relationships

Stakeholders: 5 Ways to Get Their Attention

Sticky Situations: How do Business Analysts Influence Ethics?

Straight Up BA

6 Ways Business Analysts and Product Owners Contribute to Successful DevOps​

How do BAs and Pos Figure Out WHAT SKILLS to Learn and Develop?

4 Ways Great BAs Get The New Year Started Right!

Positioning the BA Role for Value in Your Organization

5 Key Skills to Move from BA to Product Owner

4 Critical Things To Collaborate With the PO Successfully

The Top 4 Things BAs need to learn to work effectively on Today’s projects

What is a Modern BA? – New!

Introducing Pathways – Ready…Set…START! – New!

Remote Work Is Here To Stay, How Should My Goals Change? – New!

Three Key Differences for Business Analysis and Business Data Analytics

Two Requirements Tasks You’re Spending Too Much Time

2013 Innovation Trends

2014 BA-Squared Wrap-Up, Looking Forward to 2015

3 Business Analyst Skills that Add Value Every Day!

3 Reasons Value Should Be At The Center of A Project Triangle

3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Mental Workspace

3 Tips to Modernize Your Requirements!

3 Ways to Bring Agility into Your Requirements Practice

4 Business Analysis Resolutions for 2019

4 Hot Topics from the Orlando BBC Conference

4 Roadblocks That Prevent You From Delivering Value To Customers

5 High-Impact Questions Every BA Should Be Using!

5 Lessons from Working with Agile and Waterfall Teams

5 Things The Legendary Musician/Artist Prince Taught Us

7 Habits of Highly Effective Business Analysts

Adapt to Every Project Environment With These 3 Tools!

Analyst or Therapist? BAs Need to Stir Up the Animals!

Are You Building The Past Or The Future?

Are you Walking Dead with Documents?

Be curious. Even mundane tasks will get more interesting.

Bridging the Gap Between Waterfall and Agile

Bring Your Requirements Practices Out of the ‘80s!

Straight Up BA Cont…

Building a Speedy and Responsive Delivery Approach

Building Better Requirements

Can You Develop Standards That Embrace Both Approaches?

Create a culture of innovation

Customer Obsession – You Better Have It!

Diving Into Unofficial Roles and Responsibilities of the BA

Do Tight Timelines Make You Feel Like a Document Dispenser?

Do You Have the Top Skills Companies Need?

Don’t Force Typical Templates on Packaged Software Projects

Don’t Forget the A in BA – Make Time for Analysis!

Don’t Plan Too Much: Make Room for New Opportunities

Don’t Skip the Analysis When Moving to Shorter Iterations!

Every Project is Like a New Year

Evolution of the Requirements Mindset!

Feature Thinking Vs Value Thinking: What’s The Difference

Find the Duct Tape and Keep the Wine Glasses

Get Off The Documentation Hamster Wheel

Start Your Requirements off Right In 5 Steps!

Help! I Don’t Have Time To Do Requirements Right!

How You Add Value: Should BAs be Paid on Commission?

Improve Your Requirements by Avoiding These 4 Words

Is rework the key to innovation?

Is Your Brain Like Concrete or a Caterpillar?

Lean Requirements Practices = More Value, Less Waste

Why You Need to Modernize Your BA Skillset

Modern Requirements – Reality or Virtual Reality

Roll the Dice: A lesson from Las Vegas

Survival Guide: Bouncing Back And Forth: Agile AND Waterfall

The BA Role is Changing! Are you Keeping Up?

The BA Role: Has it Really Changed in the Last 15 Years?

The BA Accountability in Scope Creep & Changing Requirements

The Devil is in the (Non-Functional) Details

The Shift To Modern Requirements

Think Like a Globetrotter

Three BA Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Three Tips for Springing Forward

Time to Pause

Top 6 Critical BA Skills For The Future (And Today!) – Part 1

Top Six Critical BA Skills For The Future (And Today!) – Part 2

Turn and Face the Strange Changes!

Want Faster Requirements? Build Them Like a Snowman!

What are the Best BAs Doing Differently?

What is Your Modeling Mindset?

What’s Your 2015 Light bulb Moment?

What’s Your Secret Weapon Battling Bad Requirements?

Why We’re Talking About the BA/PM Role on Agile Projects?