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BA Workplan

Impact & Complexity Worksheet

Definition of Ready

Definition of Done

Golf Caddy and BA/PO Compare

Checklist: New To A Project Already Inflight

Impact Mapping


The 5 Levels of Agile Planning

5 Key Differences in COTS/Package Software Requirements

Change Management Tools

Agile Status Report

Traditional Status Report

Requirements Guide/Checklist

Top 5 Secrets To Asking The Right Questions


Collaboration & Analysis Canvases

Outcome Canvas

Product Vision Canvas

User Story Canvas

Product Roadmap Canvas

Scoping Downloads

Scoping Checklist

Product Vision Canvas

Options & Alternative Analysis

Technique Templates & Samples

Requirements Guide/Checklist

How To Structure Requirements

Full Stack BA

Decision Tables Combo Templates

Data & Reporting Analysis

Customer Journey Map Template

Customer Journey Map

User Story & Use Case Side by Side

Use Case Template/Reference/Sample

Sample User Stories Fixed

Swim Lane Process Model

Roadmap Template

Backlog Board

BA or  PO Mission Statement

Empathy Mapping

Options & Alternative Analysis

Key Analysis Concepts

Feedback Loop

Modern Analysis Values

Managing Ambiguity

Top Performing BAs and POs

Discovery & Delivery

7 Ways BAs Add Value to Agile Teams

BA Cyber Security

BA Data Analytics

More Agile BA and PO Resources

Agile Product Ownership E-Book

Top 10 User Story Tips

Agile Documentation Tips

Agile Status Report

9 Agile Concepts

New E-Book! 

PO & BA Collaboration Model

State of Agile Analysis Report

Managing Stakeholders

Building Relationships: The Mindset

Building Relationships: The Meet-Up

Ways to Engage Stakeholders

What, So What, Now What

Facilitation Skills

3 Step Facilitation Model

Workshop Planner Sample and Template


Categories for Facilitation

Virtual Meeting Planner

Requirements Workshop Planning

Future Trending Practices

Hypothesis Template

Experimenting With Your Hypothesis

Hypothesis Decomposition

Outcome Statements

Definition of Value Checklist

7 Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

BA Success Formula

What We Need to UNLEARN

Design Thinking

Asking GREAT Questions

High Impact Questions for Users and SMEs

High Impact Questions for Sponsors and Stakeholders

High Impact Questions for Processes and Details

High Impact Questions for One-on-Ones

Straight Up BA Concepts (Traditional or Agile)

Non-Functional Requirements Cheat Sheet

Mushy Words

Visual Models

Traditional BA Resources/Templates

Business Requirements Document

Scoping Checklist

Traditional Status Report

Decision Log

Vendor/Package Software Requirements

Package Software Approach Summary

Package Software Tasks

Fit Gap Template

Leading a BA Practice

Agile Value Checklist

Benefits of Agile

Leader’s Guide to Interviewing BAs

Interview Preparation Guide

Agile Executive Action Guide

Agile BA Assessment Checklist

Design Thinking

BA Practice Metrics

BABOK®v3 Task to Technique Cross Reference