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Being an amazing Business Analyst or Product Owner requires really strong listening skills!

You will need to listen for:




Feelings – First we listen for the feelings our stakeholders are communicating!  We can then respond empathetically and build a strong connection and strong relationship with them.  This is needed to gain their trust, and to help us communicate the issues to others on the team.

Facts – We must get the facts right when listening to stakeholders, and learn to distinguish “facts”, from “opinions”!

Gaps – We need to be masters of curious gap analysis as we listen.  What is missing from the story?  What is missing to connect the facts and feelings together?  And, we listen here for requirements that are said without the speaker knowing that they are even speaking a requirement!

In this course, we will explore each of these listening aspects, and PRACTICE them when working with Leaders, Users, and the Technical team!

Let’s dig in!