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Our Live Events are NOT a presentation/webinar, they are interactive chats where members share, get tips from experts, and hear how others solve similar challenges.  It’s truly an interactive, go deep, and learn together experience!

Members can sign up for a single event or a cohort series based on a topic theme with a Learning Cohort!

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March 2022 Live Online Events 

Small group coaching chats, technique demonstrations, feedback on requirements, learn as a small group!

Date Time Topic Description
March 1st  10 am PST, 1 pm EST

Status Reports

Member Exclusive

1 hr  – Are your status reports getting looked at? Do people take the action you want and expect them to take after reading them? Let’s talk about what a good status report has! What will get others to take action, the action you want and NEED them to take!
Mar 7th 9 am PST, 12 pm EST

User Story Splitting Jam

Member Exclusive

1 hr – Bring your user stories for the group to looks at patterns and strategies to split them into smaller user stories with an expert. This session depends on the group bringing user stories from their own work to work on as a group. We will jam with your examples and learn a lot as we work to implement user story-splitting best practices.
March 18th 11 am PST, 2 pm EST

Technique Demo: Product Vision

Member Exclusive

1 hr  – Let’s look at what a good product vision contains! And, bring your examples, the good, bad and ugly! We will transform your vision statements (or create them from scratch) into meaningful, actionable, and measurable guides for teams!
Mar 29th 8 am PST, 11 am EST

Mock Elicitation – User Stories & A/C

Member Exclusive

1 hr – Mock Elicitation – Let’s look at a sample case study, elicitation conversations, and typical communications between stakeholders and the team and we will identify the user stories (stated and UNSTATED)! Join us for a fun journey to see and hear where all the user stories and acceptance criteria and and identify the gaps and remaining questions!


April 2022 Live Online Events 

Small group coaching chats, technique demonstrations, feedback on requirements, learn as a small group!

Date Time Topic Description
Apr 5th 9 am PST, 12 pm EST

Product Metrics

Member Exclusive

1 hr  – You have a product vision, now make it measurable! Let’s explore what measurable product metrics look like, how to create them and even look at your project/product examples and what measurable metrics would look like for them!
Apr 11th 10 am PST, 1 pm EST

Technique Demo: SIPOC

Member Exclusive

1 hr  – An analysis technique that has roots in 6-Sigma, strong linkages to business process, and super useful for analysis on many project types. Come see if this technique will help your project!
Apr 21st  11 am PST, 2 pm EST

Managing Conflict

Member Exclusive

1 hr  – An interactive session on discovering conflict styles in yourself and others, and learning to recognize them and adjust behaviors accordingly.
Apr 27th 1 pm PST, 4 pm EST

The Pencil Challenge

Member Exclusive

1 hr  – An interactive online game to help cultivate your agile mindset! Don’t miss this fun event and the amazing learning moments!

Stay tuned for more LIVE events announced throughout the month!

Sample of Other Past Live Group Events:

Each month BA-Cube Members with “Live Event” Access can attend our exclusive live events to deepen their learning.  Each month we host a variety of events to demo techniques, look at real project work and provide feedback, discuss stakeholder management topics, and go deeper on the on-demand class topics.  Member LOVE our live events to connect with others and deepen their learning, getting real advice and mentoring from experts.  This is a sample list of many of our past events.

  • Empathy Mapping Technique Demo
  • User Story Workshop Demo – How to Facilitate a user Story Workshop with the team and stakeholders
  • User Story Mapping Demo
  • User Story Jam: sharing best practices, feedback on your real user stories
  • Acceptance Criteria Jam: sharing best practices, feedback on your real acceptance criteria
  • Agile Transformation for BAs and POs
  • An Agile BA’s Day in the Life
  • Backlog Refinement Challenges: Let’s help prioritize those challenges
  • How to Facilitate a User Story Workshop with the team and stakeholders
  • Crucial conversations – Let’s talk about your high stakes conversations
  • Elevate Your Career: let’s discuss what the best BAs do
  • Demonstrations on various facilitation and modeling techniques
  • ERP Replacement, Cloud & Package Software Projects
  • Facilitating Engaging and Participative Meetings
  • Facilitation – Your biggest challenges solved!
  • Goals/Resolutions
  • Help me get more time from my stakeholders to discuss requirements!
  • Help me through this Agile Transformation
  • Help me with my difficult stakeholder
  • High Performing Teams: How are you contributing?
  • How to say “NO” so you can focus on what IS important
  • How to start/engage on a new project & best tips to contribute right away
  • Hybrid Agile Methodology – Feeling stuck in the middle?
  • Is Certification right for me?
  • My PO isn’t trained as a PO, how can I get them to understand their role?
  • Planning High Impact Virtual Meetings: sharing best practices
  • Product Ownership: Product Visioning and Roadmapping
  • Productive ways to manage requirements & which methods to use for detailed requirements
  • Robotics & AI: ways you are embracing this technology
  • Story Splitting – Let’s split your stories – Bring examples, let’s work them!
  • The requirements keep changing, what should I do?
  • Visual Models, sharing best practices
  • Visual Models: Your Keys to Finding Requirements Gaps!
  • What Do Agile Ceremonies Mean to BAs
  • What Great BAs Do! BA Leaders have weighed in, let’s discuss what the best BAs do.
  • What Makes a High Performing Team?
  • What to do with technical requirements on agile projects?

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