Join us for the BA Manager & Practice Leader Chat: 

Managing Remote BAs and a Remote BA Practice –
What Have We Learned?

June 25th 10am PST

Live Events

May 2020 Live Online Events

Mentoring Sessions:

  • 1:1 MentoringRequest a 30 min window, part of a BA-Cube premium membership!
  • May 5: What do the Agile Ceremonies Mean to BAs 1:30pm PST, 1 hour
  • May 13: Am I Seeking Consensus or Decisions Too Quickly? 8am PST, 1 hour
  • May 18: Acceptance Criteria Best Practices For Your User Stories 1:30m PST, 1 hour

Rocking Remote BA Series (Every Friday at 1pm Pacific, March 27-May 15):

BA Manager & Practice Leader Chat:

June 2020 Live Online Events

Mentoring Sessions ( Premium Members):

  • 1:1 Mentoring – Request a 30 min window, part of a BA-Cube premium membership!
  • June 11: Data Analytics and Cyber Security – What Does This Mean to BAs? 11am Pacific, 1 hour
  • June 22: Digital Transformation – 
         Did COVID Accelerate This at Your Organization? Q/A, Tips  & Tricks for BAs! 
    8am Pacific, 1 hour
  • June 30: Remote Facilitation: Let’s Discuss What Has Work and Not – 
         COVID Has Changed Our “Normal”!
     9am Pacific, 1 hour

    BA Manager & Practice Leader Chat (Open to BA Managers & Practice Leaders):

    Sample of Mentoring Chat Topics This Year:

    • Acceptance Criteria: sharing best practices
    • Agile Transformation for BAs and POs
    • An Agile BA’s Day in the Life
    • Backlog Refinement Challenges: Let’s help prioritize those challenges
    • Being a successful Hybrid BA – Agile and Waterfall at once?
    • Crucial conversations – Let’s talk about your high stakes conversations
    • Decision Making: sharing best practices
    • Deep dive on questions from the User Story On-Demand Class
    • Deep dive on questions from the Visual Models On-Demand Class
    • Digital Transformation – BA Practices for digital transformation, bring your questions!
    • Digital Transformation and the BA Role
    • Elevate Your Career: let’s discuss what the best BAs do
    • ERP Replacement, Cloud & Package Sft Proj
    • Facilitating Engaging and Participative Meetings
    • Facilitation – Your biggest challenges solved!
    • Fix my user stories – bring your user stories and we will give feedback
    • Goals/Resolutions
    • Help me get more time from my stakeholders to discuss requirements!
    • Help me through this Agile Transformation
    • Help me with my difficult stakeholder
    • High Performing Teams: How are you contributing?
    • How to say “NO” so you can focus on what IS important
    • How to start/engage on a new project & best tips to contribute right away
    • Hybrid Agile Methodology – Feeling stuck in the middle?
    • Is Certification right for me?
    • My PO isn’t trained as a PO, how can I get them to understand their role?
    • Planning High Impact Virtual Meetings: sharing best practices
    • Product Ownership: Product Visioning and Roadmapping
    • Productive ways to manage requirements & which methods to use for detailed requirements
    • Robotics & AI: ways you are embracing this technology
    • Story Splitting – Let’s split your stories – Bring examples, let’s work them!
    • The requirements keep changing, what should I do?
    • Visual Models, sharing best practices
    • Visual Models: Your Keys to Finding Requirements Gaps!
    • What Do Agile Ceremonies Mean to BAs
    • What Great BAs Do! BA Leaders have weighed in, let’s discuss what the best BAs do.
    • What Makes a High Performing Team?
    • What to do with technical requirements on agile projects?

    Live Online Events

    We drive our live events calendar based on our member needs with a combination of mentoring calls, idea jams, classes and webinars on various topics like: agile BA, BA leadership skills, BA manager chats and many topics to help BAs learn, build skills and stay current. Stay tuned as we build each month’s schedule a month in advance. (See schedules from past months.)

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