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How You Add Value: Should BAs be Paid on Commission?

Years ago I read an article on, Should IT Workers Unionize. The author put forward the notion of IT workers unionizing. I find this concept fascinating, and one I completely disagree with. I feel it would promote people to work, but not work on the right...

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User Stories: Your First Step Should Always Be Back

Have you ever played an outfield position in baseball or softball? As an outfielder, your primary responsibility is catching pop flies.

When you hear the crack of the bat, there’s a moment of panic as you try to figure out where the ball is headed. For young players, their first instinct is always to run forward, which usually leads to the ball flying over their head and the batter advancing several bases.

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Is Your Brain Like Concrete or a Caterpillar?

Do you approach your analysis work like concrete or a caterpillar? Your mindset matters in all aspects of project life! You can pour information in and let it set like concrete or you can continuously feed it and let it grow and adapt like a caterpillar. Here's a...

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4 Tips for Writing Artificial Intelligence Requirements

If you aren't already working on projects with artificial intelligence components, you will be soon! Examples of AI, robotics and machine learning are everywhere. As these emerging technologies become more common, it's important for BAs, BA leaders and product owners...

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Struggling with Acceptance Criteria?

If you're struggling with acceptance criteria, then you're probably struggling with user stories too. High-quality acceptance criteria make it so much easier to create and analyze user stories, which leads to better requirements and solutions that delight end users....

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Help! I Don’t Have Time To Do Requirements Right!

It seems each year it gets worse and worse—BAs have WAY too much to do! They can’t say no and can’t ask leaders to slow down the flow of requirements work. The backlog grows bigger and bigger, and teams get further behind every day. It’s impossible to catch up. I am...

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Building a Speedy and Responsive Delivery Approach

We need to speed up the delivery process in a way that is responsive to rapidly evolving technology and ever-changing user needs and expectations. All too often, our teams end up rapidly delivering, but not getting the expected outcomes from a user and customer point...

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4 Tips for AI and Digital Transformation Analysis

I am excited to hear that many of my clients are venturing into projects that include digital transformation, intelligent automation, machine learning and other artificial intelligence capabilities. I am passionate about these topics and how these capabilities deliver...

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Three Tips for Springing Forward

When daylight saving time hits the United States, I feel jolted and off-kilter. It takes me weeks to adjust to the time change, especially when I'm traveling across multiple time zones. Springing forward with the clock always seems to come at a time when I have so...

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7 Hot Topics from Agile2017 in Orlando

I had the opportunity to speak at Agile2017 in Orlando. It was a great conference! I connected with so many colleagues & friends and met lots of new friends as well.Besides speaking and networking, I attended some great sessions. The sessions at this conference...

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The Shift To Modern Requirements

I’ve been on the road quite a bit lately, and part of my travels include delivering conference presentations about modernizing requirements. The presentations hit home with those who are feeling the stress of increasing speed, complexity, ambiguity and change. Trends...

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