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The Top 7 Ways BAs Can Add Value To An Agile Team

If you are like most Business Analysts (BAs) today, you are either on an agile team or know that it is coming soon! Being present on a team is vital to achieving the intentions of the team. Sometimes we walk away from meetings and conversations and think, oh snap! I...

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Modern Requirements – Reality or Virtual Reality

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a project and thought, there HAS to be a better way? Me too! In my recent travels to conferences and training there are deep discussions about modernizing requirements. The presentations hit home with those who are feeling...

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Four Key Tips for AI and Digital Transformation Analysis

These are more than just digital buzzwords or technical keywords. They are essential to understanding as technology continues to transform. From the feedback I’ve been receiving from my members, it’s exciting to hear that many of you are venturing into projects that...

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5 Reasons Agile BAs Are Critical To An Agile Team

I am still in disbelief that so many are saying that there is no role for a BA in agile. Are you still fighting this battle too? Though it frustrates me every time, I do understand where this idea is coming from, and I want to share some thoughts and perspectives....

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4 Business Analysis Resolutions for 2019

Are you ready to make 2019 your best professional year yet? Commit some time and energy to these four areas and you'll delight your end users with better requirements and better solutions in 2019. #1 Learn about digital and artificial intelligence technologies. If you...

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What are the Best BAs Doing Differently?

What do the best BAs do differently? It's a hot topic I've been discussing with industry leaders who are members of BA-Cube. You may be surprised to learn the qualities that set the best BAs apart, aren't tactical skills related to requirement tools or methodologies...

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Do You Have the Top Skills Companies Need?

Does spring give you an energy boost? The warmer weather and longer days usually give me the energy I need to take on a few new things. If you're ready to harness your spring fever and tackle a few professional development goals, focus on building in-demand skills....

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Top 7 Things BAs Should Be Doing On An Agile Team

If you are like most BAs today, you are either on an agile team or know that it is coming soon! Here are 7 things you should be doing as a BA on an agile team:   Practice The Product Vision In The Mirror Every Day. That’s right! Know your product vision and know...

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